Wilson: My constituents in Afghan War need support

Congressman Joe Wilson is passionate about more than illegal immigration. As the congressman for key military facilities in South Carolina, he has strong opinions about the war in Afghanistan. The president has considered gearing down the U.S. role in that conflict.
“I’m very, very concerned. I represent Ft. Jackson, Parris Island, Marine Corps Air Station, Beaufort Naval Hospital. I have a lot of my constituents in Afghanistan; they need reinforcements,” says Wilson.
The White house says it will be up to two weeks from now before a decision is made whether to send more troops to the region. Wilson says understands the region having been there there many times to visit his former National Guard unit.
Wilson says,”I visited them every three months, the 218th Brigade led by General Bob Livingston. I’m the co-chair of the Afghan Caucus. I have seen really the development of that country. It was the poorest country on earth with a per capita income of $350 and no paved roads, no cell phone system. Now when you visit, it’s not perfect and it’s going to take time.”
Yet, Wilson says he has not forgotten that this is where 9-11 was planned and executed:”From a primitive valley, Osama Bin Laden attacked the United States and killed 3000 Americans. I’ve already learned my lesson–we must defeat the terrorists there.”
Wilson asserts  that Pakistan’s stability is critical because it is a nuclear power.