SC principal reacts to national award

A South Carolina principal who received the honor of National Principal of the Year says she couldn’t have done it alone. At Wando High School, Principal Lucy Beckham serves as the quarterback for her team of faculty, staff and students.
Principal Lucy Beckham“It’s almost like someone gives you a playbook, and in year one you should do this, and in year two you should do that. Of course, having a playbook and being able to execute plays is not that easy. If that was the case, every college team in the country would have winning teams,” says Beckham.
For Beckham, her playbook is set on excellence and geared toward the success of the students.
“We instituted programs like advisor, advisee. Every child here is asked to choose a career major. But, because of our size, we have turned that into an advantage. We have a course catalog with over 250 courses,” says Beckham.
It’s curriculums like the successful one used at Wando High that has made Lucy Beckham the National Principal of the Year. She says her 11 years at Wando have been so rewarding, and this award is a touchdown.
“Absolutely honored beyond belief. It is a tremendous honor for this high school and for the entire community and all the work that has gone on here,” says Beckham.
Beckham has been in the education field for 33 years, 15 of those in administration. She was awarded with the national honor at a surprise assembly at her school. Among attendance was State Superintendent Jim Rex and Charleston County Superintendent Nancy McGinley.