Big Red Report–Pelini and players on the Saturday crowd

With this week being a bye week, I want to bounce around a bit, we’ll talk some about Missouri, but I want to go back to Saturday. 86,304 fans, the biggest crowd for an NU football and the 300th consecutive sellout. I thought I’d share some of the thoughts from Bo Pelini and a couple of the players.
You’ll hear from Pelini who said he couldn’t give much thought to the moment other than coaching the team, however he reflected afterward on what an honor it was for him to be apart of a special milestone. Coming off a subpar performance the week before, then returning home with all the hype surrounding this game, early on, Zac Lee didn’t let it bother him.
Finally, wide receiver Chris Brooks, who had four catches for 50 yards including one of the two touchdown passes talks about the crowd on Saturday, but then you can hear it in his laugh, the St. Louis native is ready for that Missouri game.
Listen to the Big Red Report, 2:00 mp3