Federal grant offers aid to caregivers

South Carolina has received a federal grant for $200,000 to supply respite care to families that provide care to a loved one. Respite care gives a break to caregivers of adults or children with special needs.
The grant was awarded to the Lieutenant Governor’s Office On Aging.
Lt. Governor Andre Bauer says, “Only 12 states were asked to develop an advanced respite care program.  It provides temporary relief to caregivers from on-going responsibilities.  We recognize the challenges they face.” 
US Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary for Aging Kathy Greenlee announced the awards totaling $2.3 million.
Bauer says everyone benefits from such a program, which helps those providing care at home.  “This saves all of us, the taxpayers, when patients stay at home.  Respite care gives them a break and helps their mental and physical health.  Respite care is vital.”
Bauer says the state relies heavily on the dedication of family caregivers.  “Right now we’ve got 775,000 seniors in South Carolina and 1.2 million baby boomers on the way, people like my parents.”