Gov. Sanford consolidates additional government services

Gov. Mark Sanford has made another move to consolidate government services. By executive order, Sanford on Friday created the South Carolina Interagency Transportation Coordination Council. He says it will cut costs and eliminate waste in current transportation programs.
Legislation from the year 2008 recommended the creation of this council to synchronize state government health services transportation programs services to underserved areas.

Gov. Mark Sanford continues to seek state government restructuring

Gov. Sanford says consolidating and coordinating state agencies’ transportation programs “goes to the core of commonsense notions like restructuring.”
The governor will appoint Bill McIlwain of Lexington to the South Carolina Interagency Transportation Coordination Council. A governor’s office statement says the council will include state agency officials, legislative leaders and stakeholders, and the Executive Director of the Budget and Control Board.
This time last week, the governor announced plans to restructure the  BabyNet program, moving it from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control to the oversight of South Carolina First Steps.