Campbell: "I'm a victim of the government just like you are."

South Carolinians will be hearing a  prominent political name once again in this election season. Carroll Campbell III is running for South Carolina’s First Congressional District seat, currently held by Congressman Henry Brown. Campbell is the son of the late-Governor Carroll Campbell. He says he has what it takes to make “real” change.
“I’m a victim of the government just like you are. I can tell you I think it’s time to stand up, I think it’s time for this country to stand up and start fighting back,” says Campbell.
The change Campbell is referring to is not just with the current administration, but within his own party, including Congressman Brown. Campbell says he doesn’t believe Barack Obama would even be president right now if it weren’t for the mistakes of the Republican party.
“I think it’s time for us to make all the changes. I think if you see the movement going on in this country right now with the tea parties, people are outraged. Bottom line is freedom is not free. As much as I would like to blame Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi and the liberals up there for what’s going on, the realization is that these guys wouldn’t even be elected if it weren’t for members of my own party,” says Campbell.
Campbell has always been a businessman, and plans on bringing, what he says, common sense back to Washington with a business point-of-view. Brown is currently serving his fourth term in Congress. The First District is made up of Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester, Georgetown, and Horry counties.