"Sneaky" pot growers busted in Keith County

Some corn farmers in Keith County were growing marijuana in their fields without even knowing it. Keith County Attorney Blake Edwards says up to three men were involved in growing pot in southern Keith County on other peoples’ property.
Edwards says the men, while under surveillance, cut down several rows of corn in the middle of the field and planted marijuana. The pot plants were watered by the farmers’ pivot irrigators, unbeknownst to the farmers.
Edwards say a total weight of the seized pot has not been determined, but a substantial amount was confiscated. “There were six or seven plots south of town there,” Edwards says. “You’ve got farmers that not only were donating water but lost part of their harvest. It’s a sneaky kind of way to go.”
Potential pot farmers beware — Edwards says there is always an eye in the sky. He says, “You’ve got the state patrol flying over and they’re always looking for anything out of the ordinary and you’ve got guys out there on surveillance and hopefully, make an arrest just like this.”
The Nebraska State Patrol has arrested 61-year-old Michael Martin of Maxwell. Charges are pending on two other individuals who may have been involved. Martin faces a Class III Felony of Possession with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance.
Thanks to Josh Mackey, KOGA, Ogallala