Deer-auto collision deaths down from last year

The number of deaths resulting from car collisions with deer and other animals in 2008 dropped by more than two-thirds over the previous year.
The South Carolina Department of Public Safety reports that last year there were 2 deaths due to deer and other animal collisions in 2008. There were also 1,063 injuries as a result of 3,549 collisions. Charleston County topped the list again in 2008 with the 270 collisions and Horry County had the highest number of injuries at 61. The Deaths from an auto collision with deer or other animal occurred in Anderson and Spartanburg Counties.
According to the South Carolina Insurance News Service of insurance companies who track deer collisions in the state, there were more than 20,000 claims last year with an average claim totaling approximately $1,750.
During the fall and winter months, deer migration and mating season increase the chance of being in a deer-vehicle collision.