Explosions at Newberry College were dangerous pranks

Three different explosions at Newberry College turned out to be pranks, but not before state and local law enforcement, bomb squads–even the FBI– took charge of the campus. Newberry College Vice President Chuck Wendt says that police officers on patrol heard the first explosion at about 11:30 last night.
“In the back parking lot of Brokaw Hall, a plastic squeeze bottle exploded with toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil, which evidently sets off a chemical reaction. They thought it was a gun shot it was so loud.”
Police investigated and  found nothing else. Then another went off at 12:50 A.M. in the first floor lobby of Brokaw Hall.
“Staff immediately looked through the rooms and found the makings and have been talking to four students who may have some knowledge about what was going on.” says Wendt.
Then another bomb went off today at noon.
The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division responded to a request from the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office after one explosion happened at Newberry College. SLED says it is important to note that there is no connection to a terrorist event.
There are no reported injuries and no reports of structural damage.  Four people being questioned at this time. There are no reported injuries, yet some structural damage.
According to SLED, the SLED Bomb Team was on the scene for most of the afternoon and has made a few of the found devices safe. The devices are described as over pressure devices in plastic soda bottles and are being analyzed by experts.