Mother/daughter found dead in Lake Greenwood

A mother and daughter, who were reported missing Sunday in Greenwood, were found dead in a car in Lake Greenwood Tuesday morning. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Natural Resources says 40 year old Jennifer Jones and her 14 year old daughter Alicia Jenkins were found in a car about 80 feet from shore. Authorities say the car traveled down a dirt road at what they believed was a fast rate of speed and went off a wall into the lake.
The 1999 Mazda Millennium was found in 12 feet of water.
We asked Laurens County Sheriff Ricky Chastain if the deaths were the result of an accident. The Sheriff says the investigation continues.  “At this point we’re not ruling anything out.  Our investigators, along with the Department of Natural Resources, the Highway Patrol and other agencies, and interviewing the last people who saw the victims alive.”
Sheriff Chastain says the deaths are a tragedy for Laurens County.
Laurens County Coroner Nick Nichols says before he gives an assessment of what happened, he’s waiting on toxicology and autopsy reports.  “At this point I cannot say.  This car apparently traveled down Whiteford Road.  The tar and gravel came to an end, and it became a dirt road, really rough, with pot holes and so forth.  And it then traveled another 100 yards before it went into Lake Greenwood.” 
Coroner Nichols says to get the car from the end of the paved road well into the water was not an easy task.  “The car ended up 25 yards from shore.  I don’t know how it could have gotten down that really rough road that fast, to travel as far in the water, or over water, as it did.  And it also went over a barrier built around the lake that was three-feet high, at least.”