Grooms: Wilson is not a racist

After Congressman Joe Wilson’s “You lie” outburst on September 9th to President Obama, the congressman is gaining criticism, but yet support at the same time. Berkeley Senator Larry Grooms stands behind his long-time colleague.
“Joe Wilson is a fine American. He bleeds red, white, and blue. I served with him in the South Carolina Senate for five or six years, Joe Wilson was my mentor. He was the one that really explained to me it’s never about what’s on the surface, there’s always something else with all these bills, you need to understand it. Joe Wilson is a fine American, and I’m proud he is my friend,” says Wilson.
Despite Grooms’ support, Wilson has received blows of criticism from different angles, including racism. The chairman of the Rhode Island Republican Hispanic Assembly and member of the Republican Central Committee, Ivan Marte says he is done with the GOP after Wilson’s outburst. Marte says he has been disenchanted by the GOP since the Rhode Island governor ignored Marte’s advice on illegal immigrants, and Wilson’s outburst did him in.
However, Grooms says the recent implications by various national leaders are not completely valid.
“If that’s all you got. If you can’t stand the scrutiny, then you try to change the dynamics of the game, it’s a bait and switch tactic. It gets you off of whether the charge was true or not as to; well, what was the motivation? No, he was not a racist,” says Grooms.