Researcher's interactive map shows path of Hugo

Twenty years ago tonight Hurricane Hugo ripped through South Carolina, causing tremendous damage to property and land. To take a tour of the damage and the lasting impact of Hugo, the University of South Carolina’s Dr. Susan Cutter, one of the nation’s top hazards and natural disaster experts, has created a Web site feature titled “Hugo Then and Now.”
Visitors can click on the Hugo map and scroll over seven areas in South Carolina to hear and learn about the damage Hugo caused in that particular area and any lasting impact 20 years later.
Cutter is director of the university’s Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute and a Carolina Distinguished Professor. She is an ofted-called-upon expert to assess disaster damage. Federal officials relied on her after 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina. USC’s Peggy Binnette says that thanks to Cutter, the school one of the nation’s best in geographic information systems (GIS)studies.