Red Cross bucket serves as symbol of Hugo

On the anniversary of Hurricane Hugo devastating the Carolina coast, the American Red Cross remembers the kits they delivered at the time of the disaster and they’re still around today. Twenty years ago the American Red Cross delivered thousands of little red buckets throughout the Lowcountry in the wake of Hurricane Hugo.
“We distributed thousands of hot meals, lots of ice, and clean up kits,” says Lowcountry Chapter of the American Red Cross Executive Director Louise Welch.
And in 1989, Welch says those little red buckets were symbols of hope and repair.
“The clean-up kits are basic things: a bucket, a mop, and the materials you need to clean up your home so you can get back in it, with water’s been through, or even pluff mud has been through. But, a lot of people on the island still have their bucket since Hugo,” says Welch.
Welch says she still sees the buckets around.
“Everytime I go to the Isle of Palms of Sullivans Island, always somebody says: ‘I still have my red cross bucket,'” says Welch.
A 20-year-old bucket that serves as a symbol of a time the Lowcountry will never forget.