Graham says citizens not buying the president's "hard sell"

South Carolina U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on NBC’s “Meet The Press” Sunday morning saying that President Barack Obama’s media blitz selling his health care reform plan is a bit too much. Graham says American citizens are wary of Obama’s plan and are viewing it with a healthy skepticism.
“The president is selling something that the American people are frankly not buying. He’s been on everything but the Food Channel. Last week he was addressing the nation. His problem is when he says the public option want affect your health care choice, people don’t believe that. They think that if the government gets involved in private health care, that the health care they’ve got will be compromised.”
Graham says contrary to what the president says, his plan will add to a rising federal budget deficit. “When he says it won’t add a penny to the deficit then the next sentence out his mouth, “if it does we’ll pull a trigger to stop the spending.” We’ve never pull any triggers on any other bills. When he talks about how you pay it that we’re going get a $300 billion dollar savings from Medicare and Medicaid. We’ve never done that before so the problem with the president is that he’s saying things that the people want to hear, it want add to the deficit, you want be asked to give up your own health care, but when you look at the details it just doesn’t add up.”
Graham says he is glad to see that the President is using a more conciliatory tone now than he did┬áduring ┬áhis speech to the joint session of Congress, but more substantive debate is needed before a compromise plan can be hammered out. “But this is not about tone, this is about policy. This is not about race, it’s about the president selling something that people inherently believes sounds to good and doesn’t add up.”
Graham said Congressman Joe Wilson’s was wrong in yelling “you lie” at the president, but he disagreed with the House vote to censure him. Graham said Wilson apologized to the White House shortly after the speech and that should have been enough.