Graham prepared to support Obama on Afghanistan

Appearing on NBC”s “Meet The Press” Sunday South Carolina U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham stated that in order for the U.S. military to have sustained success in Afghanistan more troops are needed and though it may not be a popular stance among the American people, he is willing to support President Barack Obama if he calls for those troops.
“The key to us leaving with security and honor is to put pressure on the Karsi government. I want to help this president do the things we need to do, stand up to a skeptical public, and I understand why people are skeptical. I will be one republican standing by this president. We will not do to him what they (democrats) did to Bush. This is not Obama ‘s war in Afghanistan, this is America’s war and there is a way to win it according to our commanders.”  
Graham says he thought then candidate Obama was right during the presidential when he said that American forces needed to focus not on Iraq, but Afghanistan which he believed is the central front on the war on terror because it is the place where we were attacked. It’s the place we can’t let go bad again.
“We can never let al-Qaida or the Taliban come back because it would destabilize Pakistan. During the campaign when he was trying to say we need to get out of Iraq, he was saying we need to get deeper involved in Afghanistan. He is right now. the situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated. His rhetoric during the campaign is just as true then as it is now. I am convinced that a number of coalition forces, with the current state of the Afghan army, can never regain lost momentum.”   
Graham says it is imperative that troop numbers and resources be stepped up in Afghanistan in order to protect America’s security. “Admiral Mullen said we’re losing momentum in Afghanistan. We need more resources. We have a strategy we started in March. It’s the counterinsurgency that has not been properly resourced. I don’t believe it’s possible to turn around Afghanistan without more American combat power somewhere in the area of 40,000 troops.”