Ex-teacher, volunteer reflects on Hugo

A former Lowcountry teacher and Red Cross volunteer reflects back on the disaster of Hurricane Hugo. “I remember one of the kids in the class said, you know Ms. Baughman, you make it sound like the end of the world, and I said you know, you got to be ready,” says Ann Baughman.
In a run-down trailer right outside of the Summerville High School gym, 11th and 12th grade teacher Ann Baughman prepared her class for what was to come.
“I was telling them, you know, you need to be sure you have your medication, you need to be sure if you are diabetic, that you have prepared to take care of your diabetic medicines, and you need to be sure that you’ve done all the things we need to do to be prepared for a hurricane,” says Baughman.
Baughman was also a helping hand. At the time of Hugo, she was already an American Red Cross volunteer for 20 years. Red Cross Lowcountry Director Louise Welch says it’s volunteers like Baughman that made light of the storm.
“We have a lot of volunteers that are still with us that are here because of the wonderful experience they had reaching out and helping people people of the community,” says Welch.
Baughman was one of those volunteers.
“We were handing out sandwiches, we were providing ice and food, we were running the shelters. It was pretty much anything they needed you to do,” says Baughman.
So, as Baughman lives her life assisting others, she still puts herself in that trailer, next to the gym, that stood strong during the storm.
“It was an old trailer, and not even a window was broken in it,” says Baughman.