Slow moving superload will travel length of state

A super wide load will be winding through the state for the next thirty days, slowing traffic but accelerating local economies.
Starting Friday, possibly the largest highway transport the state has seen–classified as a superload–will travel the length of the state. It will move no faster than 20 miles-per-hour.
The state department of transportation spokesman Pete Poore explains that it’s a power generator that weighs 1.89 million pounds and the actual load is about 300 feet, roughly the length of a football field. The transport riggings consist of flatbeds that are extra long to distribute this extraordinary weight. There will also be a push-truck and a push truck to help move this load along.
The Duke Energy generator will have a long journey, starting at a boat ramp in Jasper County, passing through 12 counties and eventually crossing into North Carolina from Chesnee.
Poore says it will travel a complex route of towns because there is a multitude of issues and logistics to consider:
“In addition to traffic, what routes can it physically travel on an disrupt the least amount of traffic. It was kind of picking your way through a maze, but this seems to be the best route,” says Poore
It may take up to a month for this procession to travel through the series of small towns to get to it’s destination. The European company Mamut (Ma – moot) is working with local law enforcement to coordinate traffic control.
Because this caravan of sorts begins at a South Carolina port, it will be a boon to the state’s economy, says Poore.
He says there will be revenue from the sea to the mountains, including fees paid to the Port of Charleston,fuel, local engineering consultants were hired, and local South Carolina firms.
“All of these people–the entourage, if you will—they’re going to be purchasing hotel rooms and meals,” says Poore.