NRC to report on missing Westinghouse uranium

A report of missing uranium pellets at the Westinghouse Plant in South Carolina prompted an investigation by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. On Thursday, October 1, the NRC will present its findings at public meeting in Columbia.
Westinghouse reported to the NRC in May that it could not account for a small container of scrap low-enriched uranium pellets in one of its process areas. Westinghouse identified that the container was missing during a site audit.
“Based on the information available, the NRC did not find any indications that the material was removed from the site,” says NRC Region II Administrator Luis Reyes. “However, the lapse in control and accountability for the material is something we take very seriously. Because of the low level of enrichment as well as the physical and chemical attributes of the pellets, the material would not pose a significant risk to people or the environment.”
The final inspection report will be available online in about 30 days in the NRC’s Agency-wide Document Access and Management System.