New Chester County facility to test home construction

A state of the art home construction testing facility will soon be part of the South Carolina landscape. The Institute for Business and Home Safety is breaking ground Wednesday September 16 on its new research center to be located in Chester County. The facility will be located on a 90 acre parcel of land along South Carolina Highway 99. The IBHS evaluated many sites but chose the location in Chester County because it fulfilled key search criteria, including a location more than 100 miles from the coast with a very mild climate to accommodate year-round testing and to preserve the “inventory” of structures to be kept on the 90 acre campus.
The campus will include an office building, a street to park structures between tests, and a laboratory big enough to hold an entire house. Organizers says the $27 million facility will allow scientists to observe exactly what winds from a category 3 hurricane , hail, and wind-blown fire do to the structure of a single family dwelling in order to finds ways to better engineer structures to reduce the risks associated with natural disasters and other emergency situations.
Researchers will also be able to let houses sit out in the elements to see how aging affects their ability to withstand different weather issues.