Big Red Report–Va Tech's defense

This will be an interesting challenge for the Huskers. Not only will they be playing at Virginia Tech, but this will be Nebraska’s first tough challenge of the season. The Hokies meanwhile have already locked up with #4 Alabama. So, I’m interested to see just how well quarterback Zac Lee handles the Va Tech defense. Offensive coordinator Shawn Watson says they present a couple of different challenges.
One question before the season on Lee was how he would handle the pressure, the pass rush. Last year Joe Ganz was able to use his legs and run out of trouble, we weren’t too sure about Lee, but again Watson says he’s adapted just fine.
Watch out for Virginia Tech’s safeties and corners, in particular #17 Kam Chancellor #23 Matt Reidy and #24 Dorian Porch who not only do a great job in pass coverage, but also step up and stop the run.
Big Red Report