High school fight, arrests prompts city forum

A fight at a Lowcountry high school brings parents and city leaders together to discuss matters that could help students focus on education. Twenty-six students at North Charleston High School were arrested for a fight that broke out at the school due to a neighborhood rivalry. This week a public forum was held to bring parents and city leaders together to discuss the issues at hand.
State Representative Wendell Gilliard spoke with WCSC after the meeting and said the only way for reform to work is for more parents to get involved.
“We have to engage the parents to come out and support the teachers, support the students, and make their future better,” says Gilliard.
Gilliard spoke at the meeting, which was primarily based on education and the incident at North Charleston High School. Thirteen students involved in the fight were juveniles, and the other 13 were considered adults. State Senator Robert Ford also attended the forum.

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