Sept. 11th recognition in DC/SC

Today is the eighth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attack.On Capital Hill, Senator Jim Demint was among those who spoke.  “The 3000 murders on 9-11 were the consequence of a broad, bipartisan failure of American leadership to understand that hate.  The consequences of forgetting now would be far worst.” 
The senator from South Carolina warned that America must not forget the day.   “If we loose our resolve and surrender our vigilance, the next attack might not be in airplanes, but something far more devastating and lethal.  Their plan depends on us forgetting, so that’s why we must never forget.”
Senator Lindsey Graham issued a statement saying that one of things that struck him worst on his recent visit to Afghanistan was the 19-year-old privates and 20-year-old corporals serving in the Army and Marines. Graham says they were not even teenagers on September 11th, 2001, but most said they joined the military because of 9/11.
Back in South Carolina, the number of events held around the state has dropped off in recent years.
One event was held at Winthrop University in Rock Hill in the morning.
In Columbia, retired Army General George Goldsmith presided over a noon-hour ceremony at City Hall. The annual Freedom Walk from the Statehouse was dropped this year due to budget restraints and the cost of extra police protection required.
In Lexington on Thursday, a 9-11 celebration was attended by three firefighters from New York City. The event featured two White Knoll Middle School students reading their essays that won an essay competitionon the topic of what their school’s patriotism means to them. And that patriotism was recognized nationally following the 2001 attacks, when White Knoll Middle School raised more tan half a million dollars and sent it to the New York City Fire Department, allowing it to purchase a new fire truck and other equipment for Ladder 101 Red Hook Fire Station. The essay winners were awarded with a trip to New York City to participate in today’s September 11th commemorative events.
A monument presented during the event contains a part of a World Trade Center Building which was destroyed in 2001. It took three months over the summer to construct the memorial.
The relationship between the fire departments of Columbia and New York actually goes back 143 years. In 1867, the FDNY sent a fire carriage to Columbia to help with a massive fire. Columbia firefighters promised to help New York if they ever could.

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