McConnell will not ask for governor's resignation

The House Republican Caucus wrote a letter calling on Governor Mark Sanford to resign. As the governor still remains in office, Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell explained to SCRN affiliate WTMA why he thinks the Senate will not follow the House.
“The Senate under the Consitution, with the talk of impeachment, is the jury, and the Senate is the one that has to pass judgment on. I’ve cautioned the Senate to be very careful about what it says for the reason that it shouldn’t become a stacked deck. Impeachment should be based upon constitutional issues and the evidence. Now, that can become cloudy by comments made about whether should he or shouldn’t he resign,” says McConnell.
McConnell says people need to understand one main point: “He has a right to remain in office, unless he is impeached. Under our Constitution, we do not have a recall, so the decision is his. I would hope that he would stay focused on economic development. Obviously, he cannot control the questions that are given to him by the press,” says McConnell.
House Speaker Bobby Harrell called for the governor to resign this week, and McConnell says although he has not signed a letter for the governor’s resignation, he does agree with Harrell on two points.
“One, the governor has done it to himself, and continues to do it to himself by continuing to talk about it, and that is true. Secondly, Bobby is correct, I was out at an event last night, and people are talking about it, there’s no question about it. The governor in this state has almost complete control in economic development and recruiting of business. It’s a case of will the governor get focused on his mission, and that’s what I’ve said to him,” says McConnell.
Despite McConnell’s agreement with the house speaker, he does not plan making the same resignation call or letter.
“As president pro tem, I will not. Will the Republican or Democrat Caucuses do that? I don’t know, I have heard rumors that there are letters circulating and talks going on, but as far as myself, I’ve made it very clear, it’s his decision to make,” says McConnell.

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