GOP chair calls for governor's resignation

On June 24, Governor Mark Sanford held a press conference that shocked the state, and the nation, with his announcement of an extramarital affair. Following that conference, South Carolina GOP Chairwoman Karen Floyd asked for a censure of the governor, but not his resignation. Two months later, Floyd says the state has still not moved on.
“The governor had pledged to work tirelessly to accomplish positive results for South Carolina during the final months of his term. But sadly since then, the controversy surrounding his behavior is now a growing distraction. Critical problems that face our state have been neglected while the governor has devoted significant time and effort to defending himself. We badly need to focus on job creation, economic development and other reforms.”
Because of this, Floyd has followed House Speaker Bobby Harrell, and the House Republican Caucus this week in calling for the governor’s resignation.
“Spending the rest of the governor’s administration on defense provides fodder for political opponents, it damages the party as a whole, and our candidates individually. It’s something I cannot abide in my roles as party chairman. And so I and the executive committee of the state of South Carolina Republican Party formerly request the governor’s resignation.”
On Wednesday, 61 of the 72 Republicans in the South Carolina House put there name on a letter demanding Sanford’s resignation.
Sanford has repeatedly vowed to stay in office.

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