Congressman Wilson's son defends father's outburst

Congressman Joe Wilson has apologized for this sudden outburst Wednesday night as the president addressed Congress. Now, Wilson’s son is defending what his father stands for. During President Obama’s health care reform speech Wednesday night we heard this: “The reforms I’m proposing would not apply to lose who are here illegally,” says Obama. “You Lie,” replies Congressman Joe Wilson. That was an outburst from South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson, who has since apologized to the president.
Wilson’s son, Alan, who lives in Mt. Pleasant, is running for state attorney general, was on CBS’s Morning Show Friday morning explained why his father blurted out during the speech.
“The debate should not be about his remarks in Congress. The apology has been made and accepted, the debate should be in the American people listening to my voice right now, should ask the question: Why did the Democrats vote down the amendment to enforce that clause, the amendment that would require citizen verification? Why, if it’s a harmless amendment, why vote it down? And that’s where the focus should be,” says Wilson.
Alan Wilson was defending what his father said, but not where he said it.
Congressman Wilson is using his outburst as a campaign endorsement on YouTube:
“I need your help now. If you agree with me that the government-run health plan is bad medicine for America, then I ask for your support. Please go to Joe Wilson for Congress dot com,” says Wilson.
Democrats are saying; however, Wilson’s outburst is turning into a financial plus for the congressman’s opponent, Democrat Rob Miller. In 2001, Miller received 46 percent of the vote against Wilson.

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