Cassel will be a game time decision for Chiefs

Will he play or will he sit? The decision on whether or not Matt Cassel will start at quarterback for the Chiefs on Sunday in Baltimore looks like it’s going to be a game time decision. Cassel is practicing, but the biggest issue will be whether his sprained knee will allow him to do everything needed on the field.
Cassel has noticed that as the week as gone on and he’s been able to loosen up before practice, he’s able to do a little bit more each and every day. I’m not sure if in his mind he feels he’s physically ready to go. He’s been going through the game planning all week and mentally is there. He couldn’t give a straight answer as to if he would be ready to go if the season started today.
Once Cassel is set to play, whether it’s this week or next, the biggest adjustment to make has been learning the new offensive terminology that head coach Todd Haley uses since he fired Chan Gailey as offensive coordinator. Scheme wise things are basically the same, but getting the words for the different plays and formations is taking some extra effort.
As to whether or not Cassel plays, that decision will be based on the input of three; the training staff, Cassel himself, and then ultimately, the coaching staff. Listen to Matt Cassel’s comments from his Thursday press conference.
Matt Cassel