Bobcats co-owner dies in plane crash

Authorities report that Skipper Beck, a prominent Charlotte business owner and sports figre, was killed this morning when the single engine plane he was piloting crashed at the rock Hill/York County airport. Beck was co-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team.  The federal Aviation Administration says Beck was the only person in the plane, which was owned by Beck Management Group in Charlotte.
Juliette Balkum from Rock Hill was taking her kids to school when she saw the crash.   “I saw the big, long, black line in the hill then I started to see pieces of debris, but the biggest piece was the size of my steering wheel.  I was amazed that there was nothing left.”
Dennis Griffin saw the crash site as well.   “The pilot tried to deploy the parachute.  There was evidence of the parachute there.  My guess is that he made a turn and probably stalled the plane out, and then dove in, very quickly, very abruptly.” 
(contributions to this article from WRHI Radio, Rock Hill)

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