White officially running for 2nd district seat

Nebraska District 8 State Senator Tom White from Omaha wants to be a U-S Congressman. He officially announced Wednesday his candidacy for the 2nd District Seat currently held by Lee Terry. White says it is time to end the partisanship bickering that has hindered effective legislation.
“This whole country has been hobbled by this out of control partisanship where all people do is throw names at each other instead of rolling up their sleeves and actually working on solving a problem.”
White says the main theme of his candidacy is solving the nation’s problems through cooperation.
“We need somebody who will come from Nebraska who will be a Nebraskan and just say enough of the nonsense and let’s be adults and solve the problem.”
White says cooperation is the key and he won’t be part of the partisan bickering on Capitol Hill.
“And I don’t care who I work with. Republicans, Democrats. If they are willing to make it better, I’m willing to work with them.”
White says cooperation was the key to his success in getting five pieces of legislation passed in the Nebraska Unicameral this past session.

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