Terry wishes Obama would have shown more flexibility

Nebraska Republican 2nd-District Congressman Lee Terry wishes President Obama would have shown more flexibility on his plan for public health care. Terry says that seems to be the biggest stumbling block.
“We can accomplish all of the other goals without having to create what I think would be the over bearing, big-bully government plan.”
Congressman Terry continues to hope Obama’s offer to listen to any viable health care reform packages becomes a reality. He still believes his proposal to offer insurance through the federal employee system is workable.
“Let’s bring in people who don’t have access to insurance and to a very large pool. Will the private sector companies have to compete against each other to get you to join them?”
Congressman Terry still favors the federal pool as a reform possibility.
“We would create a big national pool like the federal employees health benefit plan is. It brings down the price considerably and it gives access to everybody.”
Terry believes competition among private insurance companies is good for bringing down health care costs. He also remains hopeful members of congress can work out the details surrounding health care reform.

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