Graham: Democrats will not take House seat just because of Wilson's comment

Since South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson shouted out “You lie” during President Obama’s health care reform speech Wednesday night, it has drawn criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike.
US Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina released a statement this morning saying that even though he felt that the President’s speech was “combative”, he felt that the President deserved to be treated with more respect by members of Congress. But Graham did not mention Wilson by name.
But has this faux pas hurt Wilson’s chance of re-election?
Graham spoke to reporters on Capital Hill today saying that he knows that’s the case. “Democrats are not going to take that seat over. Voters are not going to send, from that part of South Carolina, someone who will help President Obama with his massive agenda. Joe Wilson is going to be just fine.”
Graham, who is in favor of increasing the number of American troops going to Afghanistan, says he will continue to support Wilson. “I will do everything I can to help him get re-elected, because he will support the President in Afghanistan if he sends more troops. Congressman Wilson is a good man. He made a mistake. He apologized.”

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