Survey: Lincoln is tops in USA for job prospects

Job seekers may have a good chance at finding new positions in Lincoln over the upcoming few months, according to a new survey. Mike Lynch, spokesman for Manpower Incorporated, says the quarterly survey of employers in Nebraska’s capitol city brought exceptional results.

In Lincoln, 21-percent of employers surveyed plan to increase staff while just four-percent plan cuts. He says that 17-percent planned increase in jobs is the highest rate of any city in the country during this quarter’s Manpower survey.

Lynch says the prospects in Nebraska’s largest metro area are less glowing, but are still optimistic. He says Omaha is down slightly from last quarter but is still in the positive, as 14-percent of employers surveyed plan to increase staff while just nine-percent plan to decrease staffing levels.

He says some industries are better than others when it comes to hirings and firings. Job prospects in Lincoln appear the brightest in several categories, including: manufacturing, wholesale/retail, financial and information services.

You can see the entire survey at: