House Republican Caucus calls for governor's resignation

Tuesday, House Speaker Bobby Harrell sent a letter [download PDF] to Governor Mark Sanford asking him to resign. Now, House Republicans have released a statement calling for the very same action.
Statement from House Republican Caucus Executive Director Charlie Cannon:
The House Republican Caucus leadership said Wednesday that it is time for Governor Mark Sanford to resign “for the good of our state.”The letter, signed by Majority Leader Kenny Bingham on behalf of the House Republican Caucus leadership, was hand delivered to the Governor today.
“Our unemployment is high and the people of our state are concerned about the future – it is a shame that our state government continues to be mired in distraction,” Bingham said. “The time has come for the governor to step aside and let South Carolinians begin the process of healing our state.”
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At the time the letter was delivered to the Governor, 60 members of the Caucus had signed on to the letter from Majority Leader Kenny Bingham.
“There are serious issues of job creation and economic development facing our state. The lack of leadership and credibility in the Governor’s Office right now is more than a distraction, it is standing in the way of progress,” said Speaker Pro Tempore Cato. “It is time for the governor to step aside and live up to the ideal he has professed all along – to put our state, and our fellow South Carolinians, above himself.”
The letter was drafted following last month’s Republican Caucus meeting where Republican frustration with the governor was evident. Speaker Harrell called on Governor Sanford to resign on Tuesday.
“The direction of the Caucus leaving that meeting was unmistakable,” Bannister said. “Governor, you have lost the support of legislators who have supported you through thick and thin. The time has come to step down. The best way you can help our state right now is to step aside and let us get back on our feet.”
“As long as the Governor remains in office, his actions this summer will hang over state government,” Bingham added. “There are too many things to do for the state to be enveloped in distraction any longer.”

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