Greenville police: Curfew is working

Greenville police say the first weekend of the temporary curfew for teens in the downtown area was a success.Police Chief Terri Wilfong reported, “We had two arrests. One subject was on a stolen moped. We had one contributing to delinquency of minors, and then two juveniles were cited. And that’s basically all we had in the downtown, so it was a very successful weekend. Things remained calm, and we were very pleased with the turnout.”
The city council passed the temporary curfew ordinance last week at the request of the Greenville police. Last week, about 1000 teens were downtown when a fight broke out and the scene became chaotic prompting the city council to pass the ordinance.
Police Chief Terri Wilfong says they expect to have fewer officers on duty this weekend. “We probably won’t need as many officers down there because we did not have a large turn out of juveniles as in the past weekend. But we’re still going to be monitoring and we’re still going to be in the downtown area. “

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