Clemson researcher regenerates brain tissue

Researcher Ning Zhang

An inject able gel may help brain tissue grow at the site of a traumatic brain injury. At the Military Research Forum in Kansas City, the research was presented today by a Clemson University bioengineer, Ning Zhang.Zhang explained, “It’s the first attempt to regenerate brain tissue that is damaged after those combat and it has demonstrated a functional recovery in the traumatic brain injury recipients in the animal model.”
“We have now demonstrated the functional recovery in the animal models which we use adult rats. The next step is to go to monkeys, primate, because once we indicated that the safety and efficacy in primate models, then we would be ready to go to free clinical trials.”
Research by assistant professor Zhang shows that the biomaterial gel, made up of both synthetic and natural sources, has the potential to spur the growth of a patient¹s own neural stem cells in the body,structurally repairing the brain injury site. “The functional recovery that we have reserved on the animals is quite significant, she said. “After 12 weeks receiving the treatment, the functional level is almost equivalent to normal uninjured animals.”
The conference is geared toward improving the overall health and welfare of the U.S. armed forces. The current research is supported by a $220,000 grant from the US Department of Defense.

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