Nelson reviews series of town hall meetings

During the August recess, Nebraskas Democratic U.S. Senator Ben Nelson held a series of town hall meetings to get Nebraskans perspectives on the health care reform debate.
Nelson said all of the town hall meetings were civil with open discussion about the issue. He says most people agree that something needs to be done, but disagree on what that something is. Nelson says a few people in each crowd don’t want anything done.
“What they are is they are afraid of change.  Because they are worried in the process of something changing there will be something taken from them so that others get something.  That cannot occur.”
Nelson says the spiraling cost of health care presents a problem that cannot be ignored.
“Such as a 79% increase over the last seven years and during that same time income went up 21% and when you adjust it for inflation 19%, it only went up 2%.”
Nelson says at that rate only the very rich will be able to afford healthcare coverage before too long.
He says he will support a plan that controls costs, improves the level of care and does not add to the deficit. He says we, as a country, need to move toward more quality than quantity when it comes to healthcare. Nelson also said he will support a plan that is well thought out, not one that is rammed through.
“At the end of the day it has to be right for Nebraska and it has to be right for the country and if it isn’t I won’t support it.
Senator Nelson said Congress needs to spend as much time as it takes to get healthcare reform right.