Brown holds town hall meeting on health care reform

First District Congressman Henry Brown held a town hall meeting in Charleston Thursday to hear from the public about their concerns with health care reform.
Congressman Henry Brown spoke at the Charleston Convention Center to a crowd made up around 500 people. Brown held the town hall meeting to discuss issues concerning health care reform.
The meeting did not just cover the current health care debate, also discussed was congressional pay, social security, and a national police force. Brown says he would be interested in seeing how the tax code could be changed to encourage more charitable care given by doctors.
The Post and Courier reports the evening’s extremes ranged from a thoughtful exchange between Brown and a local doctor to a shouting match over whether President Obama was planning to create a national police force with the same level of funding as the military. Brown replied to this at the meeting and said: “I have not heard that, but nothing surprises me coming from this administration.”
Most of the questions Brown addressed at the meeting were submitted prior to the meeting on a written form; however, some attendees just shouted out what they had to say.

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