Big Red Report-Watson gives out tough love

Well Husker starting quarterback Zac Lee certainly has the blood lines in his family for playing the position. His father Bob, nicknamed the General played 14 seasons in the NFL and threw a touchdown pass in Super Bowl XI. Offensive coordinator Shawn Watson said that has been a bonus and a help to him as he teaches Lee the quarterback position.
Teach him hard is what Watson has done. What makes this relationship special between coordinator and quarterback is that Zac Lee has responded.
Bo Pelini held his first official press conference yesterday at the team continues to prepare for the season opener on Saturday against Florida Atlantic. You’re foolinG yourself if you think Pelini was happy with last year’s results.
Kickoff is 6pm on Saturday. Another game to watch and not to look too far ahead on Nebraska’s schedule, but #7 Virginia Tech, who the Huskers play in week three, takes on #5 Alabama at 8pm and that game will be on ABC.
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