Football fans can text in an emergency

Nebraska football fans will have a direct link to University of Nebraska-Lincoln police this season. If they see a problem in the stands, they can text to the University Police dispatcher.
“We are focusing now on the game time and being able to learn a situation that might not be otherwise be able to be reported because of the noise.”
UNL Police Chief Owen Yardley says texting will become an official part of the football season. Fans will be able to text campus police if they notice a problem in the stadium.
“First thing we will do is devote a camera in the direction that message is coming from so that we can see what that situation is.”
Chief Yardley says once U-N-L officials know the situation, assistance will be sent in that direction.
“Officers or other security staff may be responding or medical personnel, depending on the call.”
Chief Yardley says the service can also be used for other situations on campus.

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