Big Red Report–no depth chart just yet

So here we are Tuesday before the first game and any football team wants to make sure they hit the ground running with a full healthy squad and for the most part head coach Bo Pelini is happy with the health of this team.
There was one issue yesterday, Junior offensive lineman Keith Williams was not on the practice field. Head Pelini would not disclose his injury, but said Williams will be fine for the season opener on Saturday. In his place, senior Andy Christensen moved to left guard and junior Ricky Henry slid over to right guard. Offensive line coach Barney Cotton said he wants to give his linemen the opportunity to practice in different positions should something like this pop up during the season. Cotton says he plans to rotate anywhere between seven and nine offensive lineman in the opener.
As far as decisions on the depth chart, those normally come out on the day they hold their first official press conference which is today, but that chart will not be released today.
Yesterday, we talked about Florida Atlantic bringing back quarterback Rusty Smith and his numerous team and conference records. When you hear Pelini you get the sense, they’re going to try to pressure him with different looks and blitzes.
Big Red Report

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