Sanford waives confidentiality

Governor Mark Sanford on Friday said he would waive the right of confidentiality for proceedings of the state Ethics Commission focused on his travel expenses.At this time on Friday afternoon, Ethics Commission Executive Director Herbert Hayden says the Commission has not yet received any waiver of confidentiality. The governor’s spokesman says the document has been sent.
But Sanford says he wants transparency to apply to all levels of state government. Sanford has said his own research so far shows that some members of the General Assembly have taken business-class trips.
Attorney General Henry McMaster asked the Ethics Commission to look into the governor’s travel records. But ethics investigations involving members of the General Assembly are conducted entirely by the members of the General Assembly themselves, not by an the separate Ethics Commission. And such investigations are done entirely in secret, with the results very rarely known.
Members of the House Ethics Committee include Roland Smith, Chairman; Annette Young; Michael Pitts; Laurie Slade Funderburk; and Joan Brady.
Members of the Senate Ethics Committee include Chairman Wes Hayes; Hugh Leatherman; Glenn McConnell; John Courson; Phil Leventis; Yancey McGill; John Land; Harvey Peeler; Glenn Reese; and Brad Hutto.

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