Sanford says he'll go public with ethics investigation

Gov. Mark Sanford said he will open the record on a State Ethics investigation on his travel records.  He released a letter to that affect Friday, after a Conway press conference to address the investigation. Attorney General Henry McMaster asked the State Ethics Commission to look into the governor’s travel expenses after the Associated Press said Sanford used state aircraft for personal use.   Official waiver letter from Gov. Sanford
Sanford called the travel investigation a “selective outrage.”
“There’s something wrong with selective outrage. It’s okay to say I don’t agree with this or that, but to pass over 25 years of history, and say ‘it has been the current practice for 25 years, but we’re going to be outraged in this one instance,’ there’s something wrong with that,” says Sanford.
In another press conference Thursday, the governor said that for the past 25 years, past governors and senators have done exactly what he has done. He said he has actually used state aircraft less that his predecessors.

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