State Fair starts Friday

It is the beginning of the end for the Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln. Executive Director Joseph McDermott says the final Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln starts on Friday.
“We’ve been there for 109 years and we are expecting larger crowds and we are making preparations for that.”
McDermott says they are doing all they can to make sure the last fair in Lincoln will be top notch.
“We’ve really concentrated on making this year’s fair is a high quality event. There is probably going on at this year’s fair than there has been in several so we are excited about it.”
While saying goodbye to the old, work on the new site in Grand Island continues.
“We’ve been moving in a lot of dirt. Footings have gone in and they have started to lay concrete on the 260-thousand square foot livestock facility. Construction is going on and we are optimistic that everything will be ready by August of 2010.”
The Nebraska State Fair runs through Labor Day.

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