Sanford declines Bauer's resignation invitation, takes defiant stance

Gov. Mark Sanford

Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer

Mark Sanford says thanks for the offer,  but he refuses to be railroaded. The governor responded to Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, who hours earlier called for Sanford’s resignation.
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Listen: Bauer Press Conference
Bauer said he would give up  his own gubernatorial bid if Sanford resigned or was impeached–as long as it happened within one month.Sanford said he has already sent a letter in response to Bauer.   “What I say in this letter is that I’m not going to be railroaded out of this office by political opponents who were not fans of mine in the first place.  Or to put it another way, what is going on now is pure politics plain and simple.”
Sanford said he would be like “heaven on earth” for him to escape the media blitz that he has faced over the last two months, but he said that he had a lot of good to do for the state during his last year and four months in office. He also insisted again that his travel record speaks for itself.
Sandford has said in the past that he has not taken any first-class business trips while in office, and he said that less was spent on his business-class travel than other South Carolina governors have spent. He said he has been looking into some travel expenses on his own.
Bauer said that he will forego his planned run for governor, if Sanford resigns, or if state lawmakers move forward immediately to impeach him. If not, Bauer says he will run. He says he’ll wait one month before announcing. Bauer says if taking himself out of the race helps the state to move forward, then he’s willing to do it.

Sen. David Thomas

But the chairman of a state Senate subcommittee looking into Sanford’s travel expenses says he approves of Bauer’s resignation request, calling it a gracious offer.
Senator David Thomas says some members of the House are meeting this weekend to discuss the possibility of impeachment proceedings.

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