House Speaker issues statement on governor's investigation

Today House Speaker Bobby Harrell issued the following statement about Governor Mark Sanford’s alleged ethical and legal violations and how the House should address these concerns:
“Any actions taken by the General Assembly regarding Governor Sanford must be based on the facts, free of any political motives. That is why I have supported the call for a full investigation into these charges against Governor Sanford by the State Ethics Commission. The report from the Commission should be the basis the House uses to take appropriate actions. It is crucial that this discussion be handled in the most professional manner possible. I urge Governor Sanford to allow the Ethics Commission to do its work in the open so that all can see that it is a public and transparent process.
“This weekend, the House Republican Caucus will hold its 15th annual agenda planning meeting. This is an event that we have every year for the purpose of planning the legislative agenda for the House Republican Caucus. After spending the summer months talking with constituents, community and business leaders back home about issues concerning our state, Caucus members use this meeting as an opportunity to begin work on next year’s legislative agenda.
“South Carolina’s economy and improving education will be some of the top issues we will be discussing. Jobs and education are the issues affecting our constituents the most and those issues will be top agenda items for the Caucus next year.
“Members of the caucus are free to bring up any issues they wish when we meet, and the issues surrounding Governor Sanford will probably be raised and discussed. This weekend we welcome any and all debate from our Caucus members on important issues facing our state as we begin planning the agenda for this coming legislative year.”

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