House members hold meeting: Sanford not on agenda

House Speaker Bobby Harrell and members of the House of Representatives will hold their 15th annual agenda planning meeting for the upcoming legislative year. The speaker’s communications spokesperson, Greg Foster, goes over the topics of discussion at the meeting.
“This is the 15th annual legislative agenda planning meeting for the House Republican Caucus. It’s where members have been back home, talking with their constituents, business leaders, and getting ideas of what issues we need to be addressing next year. This is where we get together and start working on a legislative agenda for the next session,” says Foster.
Foster says the meeting happens every year, and many have been misconstrued.
“There’s been some folks out there that have been trying to, not been trying, but have maybe misrepresenting what this annual meeting is about. This is where the caucus comes together to form up a legislative agenda for the next year, so it’s mostly an issues debate,” says Foster.
Among these topics, Foster expects the recent investigations and impeachment calls of Governor Mark Sanford to be brought up, but their not on the agenda.
“That’s not on our agenda to talk about. The number one things that we’re going to be discussing is the economy and education. Any member is more than welcome to bring up any topic for discussion, especially what they’re hearing from people back home. I expect it to be mentioned, but still it will not be the leading topic of what we believe to be affecting South Carolinians lives back home,” says Foster.

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