Gov. Sanford: We're dealing with a "political circus"

Governor Mark Sanford traveled to Greenville¬†Thursday to hold a press conference across the street from Greenville Senator David Thomas’ office. On SCRN affiliate WTMA in Charleston, the governor spoke of the senator’s investigation on Sanford’s use of taxpayers dollars for travel expenses.
“What we are dealing with right now is something of a political circus in that you have these investigations going on by someone like David Thomas, but they aren’t real investigations. What you have is a guy who’s running for Congress, and people in Greenville have told me this is a guy who wants to raise his name I.D. to keep himself in the papers, so he can raise his name I.D. so he has a better shot at winning in this primary for Congress up in Greenville,” says Sanford.
Wednesday, the governor said he was not going to “fold the tent” and quit fighting. Sanford says if he is to be investigated, then the investigation should look at past governors and members of the senate’s travel use as well.
“I’m not mad to be investigated, I’m saying it is a fact that they did the same thing. Therefore, for Senator Thomas to say what he was saying about us, is the obvious: we got into a stage where this has a lot more to do with politics than it does to do with policy,” says Sanford.
The governor says calls for him to resign and current investigations aren’t all about his wrongdoings.
“So we begin to do a little homework, and there is something wrong with selected outrage, and there’s also something wrong, it’s not an investigation, but an investigation with an agenda. It isn’t about getting to the bottom line, or getting to the truth, but about propelling one’s political career,” says Sanford.
Sanford says in his quick look, 230 business class trips have been purchased in the past 25 years.
“We haven’t done an investigation, but if one did, just in our quick look, what we would find was: whoa, he’s upset with me and said that I broke the law and all those kinds of things base on Department of Commerce during my administration buying a couple business-class tickets on over-seas economic development trips. Well, it turns out Congress has been doing this for over 25 years, since they have been keeping records,” says Sanford.

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