Democrats observe Republican struggle over impeachment

The House Republican Caucus is meeting in Myrtle Beach this weekend and one of the items on the agenda is possible impeachment proceedings for Governor Sanford.The Republicans hold the majority in the House,so Democrats can only sit back and observe.
Veteran Democrat Representative Grady Brown¬†says that little if anything will be accomplished during the governor’s remaining term. “He’s lost his effectiveness as Governor. There’s no doubt about that. He’s not going to be able to accomplish anything in the next year and 4 months, because of the sitting members of the general assembly being in the house – the powers that be –they’re not going to give him the light of day, in anything he tries to do.”
In the past, Republican leaders in the Senate have asked Sanford to resign, with no success. Lt. Gov Andre Bauer called for his resignation Wednesday. Representative Brown added that he does not expect the governor to resign. “Being forced out is one thing, but I do not think he will voluntarily resign.”

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