S.C. Democratic Chair says Kennedy will be missed

Democratic Party icon Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy died late Tuesday night after a long battle with brain cancer. He was 77. South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler says the nation has lost one its hardest working, most effective senators.”It’s difficult to imagine that someone who is so strong being brought down by this terrible disease. Senator Kennedy had lots of admirers in South Carolina and I include myself as one of those admirers. He had fans and admirers who will be saddened all over the country.”
Fowler says Kennedy will be remembered as a man who knew how to get things done and his absence is already being felt in the U.S. Senate. “His absence has been a real factor in this health care debate. Lots of people believe that this whole process would have been easier to get through if Senator Kennedy had not been ill, had he been active in the Senate working on health care. Of course, health care reform was something he worked toward his whole career.”
Fowler says while Republicans always seemed to evoke the name of Ted Kennedy when they want to “fire up the troops” of their conservative base, Kennedy was well respective by his colleagues on the other side of the aisle who relished a good political jousting with the “gentleman from Massachusetts.”
“You will hear now, I think, from Republicans in the Senate who worked with Senator Kennedy over the years who are grieving this loss just as Democrats are. They were very fond of him, they respected his good work, and they respected his ability to make things happen in the Senate.”

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