Sanford: I appreciate the offer, but it would be wrong

Gov. Mark Sanford responds: "I'll not be railroaded"

In response to Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer’s call for him to resign, Governor Mark Sanford hastily called a press conference to say, “I very much appreciate the offer. In some ways the proposal is almost a representation of something close to heaven on earth because with all due respect to the sea of TV cameras and load of reporters (nothing against our time together in the past 60 days). As much as I’d like to do that, as much as I want to do that, I really believe it would be wrong for a couple of different reasons.”
One of those is that he says he refuses to be railroaded. The other is that he thinks South Carolinians have moved on to the things that matter to them.  He says he has found “an amazing capacity for forgiveness,” in the citizens he has met in the past few weeks. The governor, more animated —and apparently more agitated–than he has been in weeks, added that his political career is over and he wants to make the most of his last months in office.
Read Gov. Sanford’s Letter to Andre Bauer-82609

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