Horry County neighborhoods get fireworks prohibited zone approval

Horry County Council has a monthly public safety committee meeting, and often a topic of discussion is the distinction of fireworks free zones. Currently, the City of Myrtle Beach is a fireworks-restricted zone, but certain areas of the beach in Horry County are not part of the city. Horry County spokesperson Lisa Bourcier says the county now has more power.
“In prior years the state of South Carolina only gave cities the ability to regulate fireworks, not the counties, and that law changed a couple of years ago, which allows counties to regulate fireworks; however, the actual property owner has to come before the county and ask their property be zoned a fireworks prohibited zone. We can’t blank it prohibited fireworks across the board,” says Bourcier.
In Monday’s meeting, Bourcier said two area neighborhood received approval from the committee to make their neighborhoods prohibited zones.
“As far as complaints we have heard across the board from various properties are just the issue of discharging as far as public safety issues with people around, the safety concerns, and of course, the fire hazards that come with those. So those are the main concerns we usually hear,” says Bourcier.
Bourcier says the ban of fireworks in certain areas along the beaches in Horry County doesn’t take a huge toll on tourism.
“We only have about 14 miles of beaches along in Horry County that is unincorporated county, and so, we’ve had several properties along oceanfront ban them from their property. We do get a lot of people that don’t really know their regulations, but we do get several people that do check in with us to see if they are legal to shoot,” says Bourcier.
The two neighborhoods that now have approval for prohibition of fireworks will run through a 911 system, where operators can detect which property owners have restrictions on their property.

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